Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Portable Line Boring Machine

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At BD Mechanical Services, we understand that investing in a line boring machine is a crucial decision, and we want to ensure you make the right choice. To help you navigate through the options and find the ideal machine for your needs, we have put together this short buying guide. Let’s explore the key features and considerations for selecting the best portable line boring machine:

  1. Type of Processing and Diameter Range:
    Before diving into any purchase, it’s essential to assess the type of machining you’ll be undertaking. Some portable line boring machines, like the Supercombinata series from Elsa Srl, offer multifunctional capabilities. These machines can be equipped with additional kits and optional accessories to extend their functionality. Consider what is included in the standard equipment and evaluate the cost of optional add-ons, such as external boring, facing of orthogonal planes, threading, tapping, drilling, and more. Each portable line boring machine operates within a specific diameter range, so ensure it aligns with your requirements.
  2. Engine Power and Gears:
    The performance and machining quality of a line boring machine depend on mechanical quantities like torque and rotation speed. These parameters, along with other cutting factors, impact the machining process. For optimal results, you need the right cutting force and rotation speed for each diameter being machined. Look for a machine with a mechanical gearbox that maximizes the engine power and offers flexibility in adjusting torque and speed according to your specific machining needs.
  3. Longitudinal Stroke and Boring Bar Length:
    The boring bar performs both rotational and longitudinal motions during the machining process. Having a wide longitudinal stroke, with steps of over 300 mm, allows for more efficient single-stage machining. When considering the boring bar, keep in mind that various manufacturers offer bars of different lengths, which can be joined if necessary. Fewer joints or couplings in the boring bar contribute to better precision and stiffness during machining.

Our Supercombinata Series Offers Versatility and Precision

At BD Mechanical Services, we are proud to offer Elsa Srl’s Supercombinata Series, renowned for its performance and versatility. Here are some highlights from the series:

  • Supercombinata SC1: The iconic and versatile product covering the processing range from Ø 42mm to Ø 400 mm. Suitable for line boring, internal and external overlay welding, tapping, and drilling. It comes with a 4-speed gearbox, unlimited longitudinal stroke of 350 mm pitch, and both automatic and manual feed options.
  • Supercombinata EASY: Ideal for working diameters up to 250mm, with machining starting from Ø 32 mm. It offers external turning, facing of orthogonal planes, and creations of Seeger-ring seats with an additional kit. Comes with a 2-speed gearbox and similar features to the SC1 model.
  • Supercombinata EASY Compact and SC2 Compact: Designed for machining in extremely tight spaces. The SC2 Compact covers a range from Ø 62 mm up to Ø 250 mm. Both models offer external turning, facing of orthogonal planes, and Seeger-ring seat creation with a 2-speed gearbox.
  • Supercombinata SC2: Differentiated by its Ø 60 mm boring bar and machining range from Ø 62 mm up to Ø 600 mm. Recommended for shipbuilding and heavy metal carpentry, it provides a 4-speed gearbox and unlimited longitudinal stroke of 350 mm pitch.
  • Supercombinata SC3: Equipped with the most powerful motor of the range and a Ø 60 mm boring bar. It enables machining in the range from Ø 62 up to Ø 800 mm, extendable to Ø 1200 mm with an extra kit. Suitable for mining, shipbuilding, heavy metal carpentry, and the oil & gas industry.

Explore Your Options Today!

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